December 03, 2018

At 84, Marjorie Carter is a true inspiration.

Marjorie was part of Great Britain’s women’s gymnastics team, specializing in vault. She competed in 2 Olympic Games, in 1952 and 1960.  She went on to coach the sport for 25 years as she raised a family, retiring at the age of 75.

Today, Marjorie is a grandmother of five.  She still takes care of her body by participating in gymnastics classes. She told Inside Edition about adopting a fitness schedule she maintains to this day. “I joined a gym class which was only once a week and eventually, I progressed to a more elite gymnastics club where I train three times a week.”

Marjorie is in spectacular shape. She can do splits, cartwheels, flips, and more. Marjorie believes her training keeps her feeling young and wards off "old age". “I have now completed a full circle as I now train to keep my body in a healthy condition,” Marjorie told Inside Edition. “And now I work, I come to the gym three times a week, to combat old age.”

With the motto “Use it or you lose it,” Marjorie reminds us to  stay active and never let anything be an excuse... not even age!

Check out the video below of Marjorie in action!




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